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1-Bronx Bomberz-$64.00

2-Fluffy Muffins-$121.00

3-Juiced Monkeys-$200.00

4-nWo Wolfpack-$64.00

5-Skull Crushers-$195.00

6-Stunner Inc-$199.00

7-Tampa Salsanaters-$180.00

8-Tampa United-$190.00

9-Team 2EZ-$200.00

10-Team BucRay-$150.00

11-Texas Punishers-$200.00

12-The Raven-$35.00

13-Trojan Unicorns-$190.00

14-Wet Bandits-$158.00

Top Quarterbacks


Top Running Backs

1-Stepfan Taylor-Arizona Cardinals-$1

Top Wide Receivers

1-Doug Baldwin-Seattle Seahawks-$1

2-Kenny Stills-New Orleans Saints-$1

3-Stevie Johnson-San Francisco 49ers-$1

4-Allen Robinson-Jacksonville Jaguars-$1

Top Tight Ends

1-Gavin Escobar-Dallas Cowboys-$1


I am creating this post because some of us are not in favor of the Official Trade Review Voting System. As said before we are adults and a trade shouldn’t be approved or denied by our fellow board.

Now, like I previously said if I see something that is very fishy or if teams late in the season decide to start trading players to other teams just because they are out the playoffs then their will be punishment.

Also, if teams do not adjust their rosters weekly then their also will be punishment. If you can’t make it to a computer or on your phone then text me and I can adjust your roster for you.

1st Offense-Forfeited Game

2nd Offense-Lose a draft pick the following year

3rd Offense-Banned from VLFFL


Please vote AGREE to get rid of the system or DISAGREE to keep it.